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Door Locks

カテゴリー:Lock & Others

Since established in 1914, GOAL have earned an excellent reputation in the market as a reliable supplier of high-quality products with robust product lineup
such as Push pull lock, Lever handle lock, Mortise lock, Dead lock, Glass door lock, Hotel lock, etc.


Push-pull lock

Grip handle-type push-pull locks delivering superior security, operability, and stylish design.

Lever handle lock

Compact lever handle locks that deliver superior security, durability, and operability.

(photo shows LX-5NU11S, lever handle NU type, dull stainless steel finish)

Integral lock

Key-in-Knob type locks equipped with deadbolts.

(photo shows UC-5Q11S, Q type knob, dull stainless steel finish)

Dead lock

Dead lock with superior security, durability and operability, and a compact body.

(photo shows HD-5, dull stainless steel finish)

Glass door lock

These are special lock for glass doors and similar to frame doors.
Cylinder and thumb turn can be installed and removed without removing the doors.

(photo shows 2510-5)

Sliding door lock

Hook bolt sliding door lock with superior security operability, and durability.

(photo shows SX-5, cup thumb turn called PSS thumb turn)

Electric lock

When installing, it is possible to select fail security type or fail safe type.
The anti-panic function can be added to either side.

(photo shows EUT-5NU11S NK, NU lever handle, dull stainless steel finish)

Hotel card lock

Non contact IC card locks that can unlock the door just by holding the card over the reader.

(photo shows JCLM-ZU 21B NW, ZU lever handle, R-handle type, escutcheon on both side)

Dimple keys GP cylinder

18 high-precision pins enable 12 billion key difference.
This is an original security design that is high resistant to picking and other methods of illegal unlocking.


  • 18 high-precision pins are arranged in 3 rows. In addition, all of the upper pins are anti-picking pins, making picking nearly impossible (*1).
  • The number of key difference is 12 billion.
  • CNK,GGMK,GMK,MK and RMK is available.
  • The use of MK pins (master key pins) makes these locks compatible with large-scale and complex key system.
  • All pins are made of stainless steel and treated with a special lubrication coating. This provides an impressive increase in strength and durability.
  • The dimple key uses a key form that is easy on the fingers. Insertion and removal are extremely smooth, and the key is reversible so it can be inserted facing either way (*2).

Great Grand Master Key

Increasingly complex and advanced key management system are required in recent years due in part to increasing building heights.
In order to satisfy these requirements, a wide of key system can be constructed with GOAL pin cylinder.
These can be used in combination tp create the optimal key management system according to the key system purpose.
This system allows a single great grand master key(GMK) to lock and unlock all the locks in multiple grand master key groups which are each equipped with their own unique grand master keys.