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Product detail

1600U/1600U-M Series

カテゴリー:Door Closer

Concealed Door Closer

1600 SERIES Concealed door closer with slide arm suitable for standard and top jamb mounting. The door closer has two control valves for the adjustment of the closing speed,
one of which is used for the latching speed.
Available with adjustable hold-open arm. Extremely thin slide rail is available for special applications.


New line up

No handing model 1600U-M is also available.

Streamline Use & Fitting

With the door closed, the main body and lever are concealed to streamline the external appearance. Available for standard and reverse installation closers.


The Super-slim main body can be installed even within thin aluminium door profiles, standard steel doors and wooden doors.

Proven Design

NHN 1600 is a stylish closer which provides smooth closing using a needle bearing, ideal for reception rooms, hotel rooms, libraries etc. With closing speed and hold-open angle being easily adjusted.

Standard Finishes

Sliver, Dark Brown or Gold. Other finishes available on request.


A free replacement ex-works if any closer proved defective by reason either of faulty manufacture or defect in materials.

Installation Position

Standard installation

Reverse installation

Closing Speed Adjustment

1600U series

1600U-M series

Selection Chart

1600U Series

Model Door size (mm) Door weight (kg)
1628UR/UL (with hold open) 900 x 2100 20-45
1638UR/UL (with hold open) 950 x 2100 40-65


1600U-M Series

Model Max door width (mm) Max door weight (kg)
1628U-M (with hold open) 850 40
1638U-M (with hold open) 950 60