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Product detail

TS-F series

Manual Sliding Door Closer

TS Series will return the door,smoothly and gently, with a soft braking at the final closed position.
A high quality, manual sliding door closer solution for easy open and close operation, offering a wide range of models and with a host of benefits.
TS Series manual sliding door closers are the ideal choice for commercial and domestic sliding pedestrian doors.
Ultra-reliable, sliding doors self close with controlled motion. Working continuously for many years and employed in all types of applications.
A simple closing mechanism, TS Series offers a wide range of models available for wood, steel and aluminum fittings.


  • High quality and reliable sliding door solution
  • Safe & long term operation guaranteed
  • Quick installation and set up
  • Light door opening force
  • Smooth & controlled closing
  • Braking point and force adjustment
  • Hold Open option



The whole mechanism is placed in a door frame 150mm high by 70mm deep.
This compactness provides greater freedom of installation in limited space.


The newly developed hydraulic gear-pump breaking system controls the door closing with almost reliability, allowing people to enter and exit safety.

Easy handing

Opening force as small as 64N(0.65kg) allows the handicapped, the elderly, and children to enter.
The opening and closing force can be adjusted within the range of +/-15% with the torque spring.

Easy installation

As all the components are simply mounted on the rail, installation is easy without the need for post-installation readjustment, which assures stable operation.


Provide advanced functions to meet the additional needs.

・Hold-open function
To hold the door open at the required position. The position and torque can be adjusted easily with a screwdriver.

・Back check
To cushion the slide opening and prevent damage to the door and frame when the door is opened violently.