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Product detail

PDC100 Series

カテゴリー:Pivot Door Closer

Pivot Door Closer For Glass Door

PDC-100 Pivot Door Closers are the first in NHN’s next generation of hidden door closers.
Suitable for 8-13mm thick glass doors
Incorporating the latest cam type technology, PDC-100 pivot door closers offer easy opening with increased efficiency on the closing torque.
The closing speed is easily adjustable via two independent adjustment valves.
PDC-100 is a high performance, slim line closer with easy installation, reducing cost and time as there is no floor preparation required.


Suitable for 8-13mm thick glass doors

Maximum door 100kg

Applicable max door 750 – 1250mm wide

Suitable for double action doors.

Non handed, quick and easy installation

Low opening resistance and high closing efficiency

Simple final adjustment

Ambient temperature -20°C to 50°C

With or without hold open at 90°

Satin and Polished stainless steel (other finishes available on request)

Function & Adjustment

Double action

Non hold open model PDC100,PDC105:
Maximum opening angle 150°

Hold open model PDC100-S,PDC105-S:
Hold open position 90°
Maximum opening angle 150°

Two speed adjustment

Closing speed(150° ~ 10°)
Opening speed(10° ~ 0°)


Providing over 70% efficiency, the NHN PDC combines light opening with smooth closing.
Red line = Opening / Blue line = Closing

Finish Color

Stainless Steel

Satin Gold Stainles

Matt Black Stainless

Clear Anodized Aluminum

Polished Stainless Steel

Selection chart

Model  function Door width(mm) Door weight(kg) Max. opening angle
PDC100 No hold open 1000 100 150°
PDC100-S Hold open
PDC105 No hold open 1250
PDC105-S Hold open