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Product detail

PDC100WR series

カテゴリー:Pivot Door Closer

Revolving Pivot Door Closer For Wooden/Steel Door

The NHN PDC-100WR pivot closers are suitable for timber,
aluminium and steel doors revolving doors 360 degree.
Incorporating the latest cam type technology,
the NHN PDC-100WR pivot closers offer easy opening with increased efficiency on the closing torque.
Available with or without hold open at 90 degree & 270 degree.


Suitable for revolving doors with a maximum width 2500 mm and a maximum weight of 200 kg.

Quick and easy installation.

Easy opening by low opening resistance.

Fine position adjustments, 3mm backward / forward, 3mm left / right, ± 4° alignment.

Temperature -20° C - +40° C.

Supplied complete with top pivot set.

Non hold-open model and hold-open model available.

Function & Adjustment

Double action

Non hold open model PDC103WR,105WR:

Hold open model PDC103WR-S,105WR-S:
Hold open position angle 90°& 270°

Speed adjustment

One speed adjustment valve
to control the closing speed


Providing over 70% efficiency, the NHN PDC combines light opening with smooth closing.
Red line = Opening / Blue line = Closing

Selection Chart

Model No. Function Max. door width Max. door weight Max. opening 
PDc103WR Non-hold open 1500mm 100kg 360°
PDC103WR-S Hold open 90°& 270°(±1.5°)
PDC105WR Non-hold open 2500mm 200kg
PDC105WR-S Hold open 90°& 270°(±1.5°)