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カテゴリー:Door Closer

Self Closing Door Hinge

Auto-Hinge™ is an innovative self closing door hinges, ideal for all kinds of swing door applications including heavy duty commercial and industrial door.


Simple design

Auto hinge is a door hinge with integrated door closer, providing the door a neat-looking. The simple and beautiful design matches different door styles.

Wide range of application

Auto hinge can be also used on the arch doors or doors without top jamb for which the common overhead door close are not readily compatible.

Sufficient door-closing power

The 100 and 200 series incorporate two different springs(weak and strong) along with a clutch switching mechanism, exhibiting sufficient door-closing power even with its slim body.

Internal stop mechanism

"S" model come with an automatic mechanism that stops and holds the door. With 300 series, stop at any position from 85 - 180 degree (free stop).
With the 1000 series, at any position from 85 - 180 degree (free stop) or at 85 degree. With 100 and 200 series at 85 and 150 degree.

Simple adjustment for closing speed

The door closing speed can be easily adjust with a screwdriver.

Easy to install

Auto hinge are installed in exactly the same manner as conventional flag type hinges.
Installation can be done easily with minimal time and labor.

Outstanding durability

Auto hinge is designed and constructed as to undergo minimum friction, achieving outstanding durability and long life time.


Spring Hinge

Self-closing & Stop
Two spring : weak & strong, switching over
by clutch mechanism

Damper Hinge

Closing speed control
Easy speed adjustment by screwdriver

Table of applicable door size