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Product detail

EDM-NII Series

カテゴリー:Automatic Door Operator

Automatic Sliding Door Closer

Automatic sliding door operator is the perfect choice for commercial sliding pedestrian doors.
A very high quality, ultra-reliable automatic sliding door operator system, working continuoulsy for many years and employed in all manner of applications world wide.
EDM NII Series will provide you with assured long term service guaranteed.
CE, EN16005 compliant and UL approved. EDM NII Series is designed specifically to meet the highest demands in world safety.

  • High quality and reliable sliding door solution
  • Safe & long term operation guaranteed
  • Weight 200kg per leaf(EDM-40NII)
  • Quick installation and set up
  • Memorised ‘one time’ teaching stroke
  • Easily accessible inputs
  • LED Digital control display
  • Wide parameter adjustment
  • Energy saving (partial open) function
  • Emergency Stop
  • Ratchet (flip flop) function
  • Battery open or close
  • Electromagnetic lock (fail safe or fail secure) option
  • CE, EN16005 compliant and UL approved



Its compact size and functional housing design will compliment any installation project. Designed to automate door panels of either single of bi-parting configuration.


Utilising our advanced microprocessor control unit with a brushless motor, we achieve near silent and smooth motion.


With all parts installed directly from the front, any component can be moved during or after installation.


Available with a quick plug-in wiring hub ‘SMB’ interface board, we can offers a faster means of accessory connection, battery and sensor monitoring.


Door stroke is memorised one-time during initial installation or for servicing requirements. There is no need for the operator to re-learn each time the main power is turned on.

Parameter Setting

A wide selection of operational parameters are available and can be adjusted to suit each installation with ease.


Designed specifically to meet the highest demands of the world market, EDM NII Series are CE, EN16005 compliant and UL approved.


EDM 18NII is available from Japan as a pre-assembled sliding door operator or as a component building KIT.


Commercial Entrance or Main Door: For installation in Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Shops and Stores, Libraries, Schools, Office Buildings and Factories

Product detail

No: Description
1. Partial/hold open switch
2. Power ON/OFF switch
3. Timing Pulley
4. Belt bracket link assembly
5. Tooth Belt
6. Terminal input assembly
7. Hanger Roller bracket
8. Control box assembly
9. Motor gear box assembly
10. Vibration proof motor bracket
11. Base rail (with cover & end covers)
12. End stop

Selection chart

Model Operation Application Dimensions Glass Door Frame Door Power supply
width x height weight width x height weight
EDM18NII A-S Single Surface mounted 150 x 97 1219 x 2134 90 1500 x 2200 90 AC100V +/-10V
EDM18NII A-D Double 1219 x 2134 90 x 2 1500 x 2200 90 x 2
EDM24NII A-S Single 1219 x 2134 120 1500 x 2200 120
EDM24NII A-D Double 1219 x 2134 120 x 2 1500 x 2200 120 x 2
EDM30NII A-S Single 205 x 120 2500 x 4000 150 2500 x 4000 150
EDM30NII A-D Double 2500 x 4000 150 x 2 2500 x 4000 150 x 2
EDM40NII A-S Single 2500 x 4000 200 2500 x 4000 200
EDM40NII A-D Double 2500 x 4000 200 x 2 2500 x 4000 200 x 2