Business outline

Established in 1977, Kenwa Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s leading and globally integrated trading and distribution
companies with offices, and sales and distribution bases in over 30 countries. Our business covers a broad spectrum of
industries like construction, shipbuilding, machine and car manufacturing, environmental protection and so on.
We are known for the quality of our products and customer service, our well established network of word wide markets,
agents and expertise in the multiple fields of import, export and multilateral trade.
Our company is totally committed to international market places, with experienced staff strategically located around
the world, ready and willing to assist you at any time.

International Sales Dept.

Our international sales business, mainly dealing with construction related devices and hardware is one of our core business areas since its establishment. Recently the market demand for these products has become more diverse and competitive. In response, we have increased our presence in these fields by concentrating on our high quality products and advanced technology, providing higher added value to the customer. This has been achieved through our close collaboration with our manufactures both domestic and overseas. We are also consistently exploring new fields and business opportunities such as international distribution service and support through which we can expand our corporate activities.

Marine Equipment Dept.

In the field of marine equipment,accurate and prompt response is an essential factor for customer’s satisfaction. Always with this principle in mind, we supply with high efficiency to foreign shipyards and vessel owners a wide range of marine related products such as marine engines and associated parts as our key products. We are seeking further growth in this field by trying to satisfy the customer and market needs. We hope to achieve this growth by fully utilizing our vast export knowledge, accumulated business experience and world wide network.

Import & Domestic Sales Dept.

In this era of mass globalization and standardization, geographic borders are being pushed aside. Therefore introduction of competitive products is an essential key to success. At the same time, market trends are rapidly changing due to an expanding world wide communication media. Under such conditions, our activities and products contribute to the client’s business, by making possible the efficient accumulation of information, development of competitive products and reduced expense, ultimately to enhance sales.

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